Limited Bose 'VideoWave' presentation book

In 2010 Bose debuts an all-in-one flatscreen surround system: The Bose VideoWave.

The VideoWave, being a 46-inch LCD TV with an integrated home theater-surround system, featured no separate speakers and came with its own special universal remote.

As part of their promotional effort to launch their flagship Bose introduced the VideoWave by means of a very limited hard cover presentation book.

€ 60,00

Technical specifications

The 'VideoWave entertainment system' was a television sold by Bose from 2010 until 2015. It consisted of a 46-inch LCD television with an enlarged Bose Wave Radio attached to its rear surface. Also included was a Lifestyle control center that allowed for connection of additional sources, an Apple iPod docking station, as well as A/M and F/M radio.

It was claimed that high-frequency aiming of sound (termed "PhaseGuide" by Bose) simulates a surround audio experience and that aiming the six speakers in opposite directions reduces vibration. Shown to the press on September 28, 2010 it went on sale on October 14, 2010. A microphone was included to help tune the system for the room acoustics (termed 'AdaptiQ' by Bose), much like many home theatre receivers.

The VideoWave was judged to have good audio quality, video quality and features, but was criticized for costing more than an equivalent traditional setup (i.e. using an AV receiver and surround sound speakers).

The final version of the television, the 'Videowave III', was sold from 2013 until 2015.




'VideoWave entertainment system' presentation book






Limited edition hard cover issue


Made in the United States

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