Bose 1800 (Series 1) Professional Stereo Power Amplifier. The 1977 classic.

The Bose 1800 (Series 1) is a professional solid state fanless stereo power amplifier. The amplifier is noiseless when running and is an ideal pro solution for reproduction of bass frequencies.

Although an worldwide know classic amplifier a Series 1 is very hard to find nowadays. This is vintage Rock'n Roll !

€ 850,00

Technical specifications

This unique offer now comes with the original Bose TC-18 transit flightcase!

The professional solid state Bose 1800 dual channel power amplifier delivers 400 watts per channel with both channels driven.

The 1800 is an Integral Design™ Power Amplifier with all Silicon Solid-State Circuitry using 14 power transistors per channel. Capable of complete stability with all loudspeaker loads regardless of capacitive or inductive character. It employs fast acting electronic protection circuits for current limiting. They use computer grade capacitors throughout the power supply, along with a 2.0kW power transformer and 1300 sq. inches of heat sink area. It also has a power monitor display using a light emitting diode array.

The accompanying TC-18 is a genuine Bose transit flightcase. The case comes with a removable front & back, sturdy carry handles and is fitted with a double 4 inch boxer cooling fan. The 70’s flightcase was meant for the Bose 1800 first series amplifiers and is suited for standard 19 inch rack sized equipment.
The rack strips are 4 units, but the case is 5 rack units high in total. This a very sturdy well made case by Bose in the USA from high quality covered wood with sturdy rubber feet on each end for stability.




1800 (Series 1)


1977 (produced up to 1983)




Made in the United States

Amplifier output

400/400 watts @ 4 ohms

250/250 watts @ 8 ohms

Frequency response

15Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion (THD)


Input sensitivity


Signal to noise ratio


Speaker load impedance

4Ω (minimum)


81/4" H x 19" W x 15" D (not including handles)


80 lbs / 36 kg

Power Requirements

Voltage : 105-125 AC USA, 210-250 AC EUR

Frequency : 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption : Minimum 60 watts

Normal 1000 watts

Maximum 1960 watts


High temperature indicator included
Peak level (clipping) indicatior included


This unique offer now comes with the original Bose TC-18 transit flightcase, a professional vintage flight case (70's) with supplementary cooling fans.

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