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Founder Filip Corne (Belgium °1974) is an entrepreneur and vintage expert with over 25 years of expertise and love for electronics, vintage, art and music.

After obtaining a Master degree in Business Economics (MBE) at Louvain University in Belgium, Filip started working in 1997 acquiring and developing several companies in the events industry for the subsequent two decades.

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Filip Corne

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Blessed with a very early passion for collecting "old" electronic stuff he developed his curiosity for vintage even at a time when the word "vintage" had yet to be anchored in the barn finds collectors business. Whilst discovering modern and contemporary art in both Europe and New York, he formed a deeply rooted love for straight lines as well as curved ones. That resulted in Filip being bowled over by Matisse’s Nu bleu II and Kandinsky’s Compositions as well as Bertone’s Espada or Pininfarina’s Testarossa.

While forging a career in the music and events business, Filip sought out fellow entrepreneurs and suppliers offering from time to time exceptionally rare stock from very different origins. Selling ordinary pieces through auction platforms throughout Europe, it left Vintage Toys for Boys with the 100% iconic and hard to find vintage catalogue as it is presented on the website and still evolves on a daily basis.

Our goal is to cherry pick only those high quality and lasting value collectibles grown up boys still dream of while reliving their childhood. Boys will be boys… Hope you all enjoy.