Collector fair pinball machine 'Monte Carlo' 1950's

This vintage collector item dates back from the 50's and was used in fun fair amusement arcades, nowadays completely dropped off the face of the earth.
Ultra rare!

€ 3.800,00

Technical specifications

The 'Monte Carlo' is a one player electro-mechanical (EM) fair pinball machine. This unique mencave object is a small size handcrafted piece of craftsmanship that was manufactured in Belgium in small production batches in the 50's. This is serial n° 5.

As the items were produced in very small numbers they do not often come on the market. That results in a high collector value when made available for sale.

The 70 year old electro-mechanical (EM) machine has a nice patina reflecting his age; the perfect compact mancave object anybody can have fun with. The body is red coloured, the playing field is silver metal coloured with its beautiful glimmering polish. The artisanal way of counting points is done by projecting the points from turing rod on chack paper (tracing paper).

The 'Monte Carlo' has a total of 28 bumpers on the playing field. In this model, the short backbox has a mirrored backglass along its entire front. The center of the backglass shows a white translucent window upon which the total free plays (replays) are projected from within the backbox for the player to see. Above this window is the word 'Monte' and below it is the word 'Carlo'. On the left and right side of the glass are round windows. The flipperless playfield is polished metal and has spring bumpers. The front of the cabinet has no coin door or other opening, and no place to insert coins. It does have a metal ball lift knob and metal ball shooter.

A must have 50's collector item for your mancave, moreover a good value investment.


Good, nice wear consistent with age and use

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