Children's chewing gum pinball machine

The Super Flipp II is a vintage pinball machine for children and automatic gumball dispenser for chewing gum balls

€ 380,00

Technical specifications

The Super Flipp II is a pinball machine and automatic gumball dispenser for chewing gum balls upto 32mm diameter. The mini pinball machine is retro skill game for children with the ball descending on the game board. Every player always wins at least a few small chewing gum balls, the player who manages to guide his large pinball ball in one of the holes earns the ball as a trophee.
The pinball machine contains small and large chewing balls. The machine works with mechanical tokens or coins. The two wheels make the unit very easy to handle.

The Super Flipp II was manufactured in 1999.

Manufacturer Special Game is an Italian company producing and distributing game machines for the entertainment industry and automatic distribution units. The company was founded in the 60’s nearby Naples and is still active as we speak.


Special Game


Super Flipp II




Italy (Naples)






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