Vintage audio mixer Stanford M1775

Belgian vintage audio mixing console mainly used for DJ purpose from Belgian mixer console manufacturer Precisia.

Hard to find deleted object from former Belgian mixer brand Stanford Audio Research. In the same series Stanford also made the M1771, M1773, M1774, M1775 and M1776.

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Technical specifications

All the types of the M series originated from the second half of the 70's of last century. Most of the DJ consoles exist either in silver or black front plate. The 43 year old black M1775 was designed by Hugo Tassignon for Precisia (Stanford).

Precisia was a Belgian television and audio manufacturer based in Bruges. Initially producing television products, Precisia pioneered in the 70's in the audio sector with the release of professional audio mixer consoles.

At first Rodec consoles were manufactured in Bruges in cooperation with audio engineer Roger De Clerck, followed by the legendary Stanford DJ mixers. After the launch of the first Stanford consoles M1774 and M1773 in the mid seventies Precisia continued in the late 70's with a new series of mixers, M1771, M1775 and M1776.


Stanford (Audio Research)


M1775 (black version)






Made in Belgium


Black frontplate


* 5 input faders


* 2 stereo phono inputs (RCA or DIN)

* 2 stereo line inputs (TAPE 1 / TAPE 2) (RCA or DIN)

* 1 swichable line/microphone input (DIN)

* 2 'DJ' microphone input (on jack)


* 1 unbalanced stereo 'master' output (on rotary knob) (RCA or DIN)

* 2 unbalanced stereo tape direct output

* 1 unbalanced stereo headphone output (on rotary knob)


* 2-band (BASS / TREBLE) output EQ

* Spacial stereo control (balance left/right)

* Stereo headphone output control (Phones)

Interesting facts

Besides this issue with black frontplate a silver frontplate version exists as well.

A M1775/M version was released with a selectable 'talk over' function with adjustabele sensitivity and level on the backside of the mixer console.

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