Very rare set of 2 Technics digital DJ-players SL-DZ1200

Legendary short-lived direct drive digital turntables released by Technics (Panasonic) in 2004. The SL-DZ1200 was the world's first direct-drive digital turntable, giving the user the feeling of spinning vinyl on a classic Technics turntable while working with digital music content. They dissapeared fast from the market and are highly sought-after nowadays.

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Technical specifications

Technics introduced the SL-DZ1200 direct drive digital turntable in 2004, hoping to stake a strong claim onto the then-burgeoning digital DJ market. The Technics ultimately lost the race to Pioneer and Denon due to a number of hardware and firmware issues that plagued the units. The items disappeared quit fast from the market; consequentley they are highly sought-after for the moment.

Anyone who was looking to buy a digital turntable at the advent of digital vinyl control systems in the early 2000s would have been initially excited at the prospect of Technics stepping in to create a modern version of the SL-1200 turntables. Technics delivered, but not without some technical and user problems:

• Major digital distortion when using key lock and scratching
• MP3 playback limited to 192kbps
• Slip/control discs fit poorly (too loose, allowing side-to-side movement)
• Limited usable platter space because of the center LCD

Panasonic’s lack of attention to detail meant that Pioneer and Denon had no issues blowing the SL-DZ1200 out of the water. Eventually an update was finally shipped for the unit’s firmware, that actually addressed many of the issues with the performance of the software – but the market had already shifted.

Panasonic stopped manufacturing the SL-DZ1200 prior to 2008, but there continued to be an aftermarket demand for the digital turntable. There’s even small-but-dedicated community of followers who share instructions and troubleshoot issues. It’s rare to see this strong of a following for an “abandoned” piece of DJ hardware, but not surprising considering how allegiant Technics users historically have been.

User review

The world's first direct-drive digital turntable, the Technics SL-DZ1200 gives you the feeling of spinning vinyl on a classic Technics turntable while working with digital formats like CD, MP3, and AAC. Just like the Technics direct-drive turntables, the 10-inch platter simulates the feeling and sound of scratching and spinning albums, but gives you the freedom and versatility of working with digital files on both CD or SD memory cards.

Load up a CD or SD card with MP3 or AAC files, and start looping, mixing, and scratching. There are four cue pads that let you set, save, and cue from the point you specify. It can also memorize up to 50 sets of 10 cue points stored on an SD card, and within these sets you can set cue pads, loops, effects, and auto functions that are then automatically called up each time you load the SD card. The SL-DZ1200 also features four sample pads for editing and playing back samples.

A large display located on the center of the deck shows you BPM (beats per minute), elapsed time, remaining time, along with other track and play data. The SL-DZ1200 features forward and reverse play, and you can switch between them without missing a beat (literally). Digital outputs are included so you can record your music to digital media.

The product has endured basic start-up tests; it powers up, buttons work. There was no endurance or performance testing with media.
This item is sold ‘As is’; the seller is selling, and the buyer is buying the item in whatever condition it presently exists, and the buyer is accepting the item "with all faults", whether or not immediately apparent. Please see pictures for traces of use / storage. No return / no warranty / no quarantee.


Technics (Panasonic)






Silver frontplate


• SL-type direct drive platter with forward and reverse options

• Full scratch capability

• Cue point functionality

• On-board effects

• SD card storage for settings and sample


Mint condition


This item is sold ‘As is’ Collectable Object (Art. 9 Terms and Conditions)

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