Toys for Boys showbook - Classic literature!

This 432 page paperback show book covers the coolest and most expensive luxury items man can buy.

€ 75,00

Technical specifications

The fully illustrated Toys for Boys book by the publishing house Tectum Publishers is the 2011 relaunch paperback edition.
This 432 page book covers the coolest and most expensive luxury items man can buy. It is published in 3 languages, English, French and Dutch. It was also offerted in a festive gift box which included a very special Toys For Boys wristwatch.

Customized fashion accessories, hi-tech electronic gadgets and extraordinary motor vehicles play a leading role in the 432 pages of this tribute to the very best of exclusive top-of-the-range men's gifts. These unique luxury products are especially designed for the style-conscious status-seeking consumer (or aspirant) for whom money is no object. These are the ultimate luxury toys for men, attainable for few but still the object of dreams and conversations for many.


Patrice Farameh

Release date

October 31st, 2011

Country of Publication



750 colour photos


Tectum Publishers


English, French and Dutch




265 x 229 x 36 mm


Used, second hand



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