Rare 'Batman' stereophonic console with cooling bar by Adalberto Dal Lago

Marvelous stereo console "Batman", manufactured by Giuseppe Rossi di Albizzate, Italy (Designer Adalberto Dal Lago).
Comprising: record player, eight-track cassette player, radio tuner, two speakers, bottle compartment, refrigerator and record cabinet, on free running castors.

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Technical specifications

Extremely rare space age music center with refrigerated bar designed by Adalberto Dal Lago (1970) for Giuseppe Rossi di Albizzate, Italy.

The 'Batman' stereo bar combines a complete 70's stereo hifi console with a cooling bar and drawer compartments. It has a custom-made refrigerator with freezer for ice cubes as well.

This unique design piece is equipped with a bottle compartment, refrigerated compartment, disk compartment, stereophonic amplifier, Garrard SP 85 recessed turntable, stereo music cassette, eight track cassette player (Stereo 8) and sockets for microphone and headphones. Two internal loudspeakers make the music console complete.

The upper stereo part is made out of silver coloured brushed stainless steel, the lower part is made out of black lacquered wood and comprises a drawer to store your vinyl records, a refrigerator and bar cabinet. The transparent dust covers for turntable and tape recorders are included.

The space age music centers are very popular with vintage design and audio enthusiasts.
They give your interior design an extra seventies touch.

This unique space age furniture rarely comes on the market. Given its age of more than 50 years, it is in very good vintage condition.
The "Batman" stereophonic 1970 is completely original and in working order.


Rossi Di Albizzate


Batman Stereophonic




Adalberto Dal Lago




Black lacquered wood en silver coloured brushed stainless steel

Technical equipment

* Garrard 86 SB MK II belt drive record player
* Batman stereo music cassette player,
* Batman eight track stereo player (Stereo 8),
* Batman FM AM radio,
* Microphone input
* Stereo headphones input,
* Batman stereophonic amplifier
* 2 internal loudspeakers


76 (h) x 150 (l) x 50 (d) cm
29.9 (h) x 59.1 x 19.7 inches

Interesting facts

The Batman Stereophonic includes amonst other audio equipment a stereo cassette player. Lou Ottens, a Dutch engineer working with the major Dutch manufacturer of consumer electronics was credited with inventing the cassette tape. He played also a major role in the development of the first CD. Lou Ottens has died aged 94 (2021) at his home in the village of Duizel in North Brabant.

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