Panasonic vintage clock radio 1981

"Panasonic has a clock radio made just for your nightmares."*

unfortunately too late

Technical specifications

The vintage Panasonic RC-95 is a commercial clock radio with 2 alarm version, forward and reverse set function and auto dimmer.

The RC-95 was part of a series of clock radios, including the RC-55, RC-77, RC-95 and RC-96.

A stylish decorative AM/FM Digital LED Alarm Clock Radio that is designed for your listening pleasure. A beautiful wood tone cabinet Clock/radio with FM/AM electronic digital clock radio with forward reverse set/2 alarms, Fluorescent Blue Numerals display, 100% solid state circuitry, music or buzzer or 2 stage radio/buzzer alarm system, month and date indicator, forward and reverse time set, 2 speed time alarm setting, dual alarm set, child proof, 24 hour timer, doze button sound, AM/PM indicator, alarm indicator, and a 3" PM dynamic speaker. Perfect for a bedroom nightstand or dresser.

*Introducing a series of clock radios back in 1981 Panasonic used the title quote "Panasonic has a clock radio made just for your nightmares." in their printed commercial ads to promote them in the US and Europe (See picture).


Panasonic (Matsushita Electric)






Made in Singapore


Black and silver grey body
Black push and selector buttons
Green LCD display


* 3 radio bands (FM / LW / MW)
* 2 alarm functions (radio / buzzer)
* Sleep function (Snooze)
* Tone EQ (bass vs treble)

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