DJ audio mixer Rodec BX-9

The Rodec BX-9 is a DJ-mixer from 2002, successor of the legendary MX-series, offering 9 inputs on 4 faders.
The 20 year old mixer is in completely original condition.

€ 650,00

Technical specifications

The BX mixers came on the market in 2002 as the sucessor of the well-known MX-series who conquered the DJ-world in the 80’s and 90's. The BX-mixers came in two versions of which the BQ-9 was the smallest one. The larger BX-14 has 5 extra input possibilities on 2 extra faders.

Back in 1954 engineer ROger DEClerck was one of the pioneers in the audio industry initially designing and producing audio products for himself and a handful early customers. The name RODEC was born, with initially a limited range of valve amplifiers, mono, and a number of specific “one-off ” products, built on special order only.

The first RODEC mixers appear around 1970, when the decision was made to offer a number of high quality preamplifiers which offered a most creative feature whereby one source could be faded out, while another source could be faded in. The audio mixer - as the workhorse of the DJ - was born!

That range was known as ‘Control Unit’, with models like CU881, CU882 and CU888; each consequent model offering higher and more specifications than the previous one. The RODEC logo first appeared as a sticker to promote the RODEC Sound Machines around 1975. The first mixer with the RODEC logo was the Mixfan in 1977.

With this reputation of producing sturdy equipment, RODEC rapidly became the standard in many fixed and mobile music systems in the entertainment industry, being one of the very first to introduce a number of features which invariably set the standard throughout the entire industry. To name just a few, as far back as 1970 where RODEC introduced talk-over, gain per channel and equalisation, resulting in the final evolution to MX-18 with triple tone control per input channel. This feature has since been copied all over the world up to the nearly identical frequencies as used by RODEC.

The RODEC SoundMachines SM200 & SM300 dominated the pro-audio sales in the early 80’s. The MX-series were the successors, with their MX18, released in 1986, becoming the ‘reference’ in the DJ segment, upto now still the blueprint of a contemporary professional mixer. Some special editions, the Red Limited Edition and the Limited 50th Anniversary Edition, celebrated the 10th and 20th anniversary of the reference MX18(0) workhorse. The Rodec MX180, successor of the MX18 was introduced in 1990 with a crossfader and the XLR Master output option as the most important new features.

After almost 20 (!) different MX-models between 1984 and 2008 Rodec released in the nillies the CX-1100, BX-9 and BX-14. Later on MX ‘Original’ and finally MX ‘Progressive Series’ were their last DJ mixers.

The product has endured basic start-up tests; it powers up, buttons work. There was no endurance or performance testing with media.
This item is sold ‘As is’; the seller is selling, and the buyer is buying the item in whatever condition it presently exists, and the buyer is accepting the item "with all faults", whether or not immediately apparent. Please see pictures for traces of use / storage. No return / no warranty / no quarantee.








Made in Belgium

Famous Rodec users

Sven Väth, Phi-Phi, Laurent Garnier, Kevin Saunderson, Tiësto, Ricado Villalobos, ...


Black frontplate


* 4 input faders
* 2 separate RCA unbalanced output 'master' faders (Balanced XLR connectors were optional)


* 2 stereo phono inputs
* 5 stereo line inputs (line/line B)
* 1 'DJ' microphone input (balanced) (on Neutrik XLR connector)
* 1 microphone jack insert


* 2 unbalanced stereo RCA 'master' outputs (on fader) - Balanced XLR outputs ready
* 1 unbalanced stereo aux direct output
* 2 unbalanced stereo record direct outputs
* 1 unbalanced stereo headphone output (on rotary knob)


* 3-band (LOW / MID / HIGH) channel EQ
* Stereo headphone output control (Phones)


* Dimensions frontplate: 482 x 266 mm (standard rack)
* Dimensions chassis: 444 x 254 x 120 mm


5,7 kg

Interesting facts

Seven years after the introduction of the BX-7 and BX-14 Rodec introduced the "BX-7 Original" and "BX-14 Original".

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