Unique pair of conch speakers Elipson 'Rabbit Ears' 1954

Very rare pair of spaceage conch speakers Elipson 45s21, say rabbit ears (conque oreilles de lapin), handmade of plaster in mint condition. True collector items.

The rabbit ears by the hand of in-house designer Joseph Leon are french vintage full range speakers and were introduced by Elipson in 1954. The conch speakers have a very particular design, carrying the typical signature of Elipson.

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Technical specifications

The 45S21 'rabbit ears' spaceage loudspeakers are of exceptional beauty and aesthetic importance, but unfortunately extremely hard to find. Round and ellipsoidal shapes were for decades the trademark of Elipson.

The rabbit ears came in 3 sizes: the small 45S8, a medium sized 45S21 (this pair) and the large 45S28 in which the first 2 digits stand for the ideal degree the conch speakers should be positioned in. The last 2 digits stand for the diameter of their speaker cone.

These very rare handmade loudspeakers date from the 50s. They were manufactured by the oldest loudspeaker company of France - Elipson - known for their beautiful sound quality & design. The design objects can be considered as the ideal space age mancave loudspeakers for collectors and music lovers.

The patented (31 janvier 1950) musical shell was created after years of research and was intended to project the audio waves to the desired direction and projection distance. The mid sized version 45S21 could by means of its specific conch realise a projection distance up to 30 / 40 meter. The beautiful sculptural forms make the rabbit ears an art object in itself.
These vintage spage age speakers are completely handcrafted in plaster and in beautiful authentic condition.

The company Elipson is the oldest loudspeaker manufacturer of France, founded in 1938 as Multimoteur. Elipson produced the subsequent decades loudspeakers, vinyl records, amplifiers and accessories. In 1948 Joseph Léon becomes managing director making Elipson one of the most important audio brands of the country and far beyond. Elipson becomes well known for its spherical and odd loudspeaker designs with superior sound quality. Elipson is active as a loudspeaker manufacturer until present (http://www.elipson.com).




45s21 'conques oreilles lapin' (Rabbit Ears)









Output power

20 Watt

Loudspeaker size

21 cm diameter


97db / 1w / 1m


2,5 Ohm

Sound wave

Up to 30 / 40 meter


Hanging position: preferable height 3m
Rotation position: 45°


Height: 87 cm (without ground stand)
Width: 36 cm
Depth: 36 cm


14 kg

Interesting facts

Elipson conch speakers (45s28) were used for the opening ceremonies in the Olympic Stadium during the Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968

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